“Nestled in a sweet escape in nature I opened up myself to the deep work of being willing to go to the center of my own being. Through the guidance and love of Arielle Silver, Darby Orr, and Alexa Shore for three days, I was brought closer to exploring and honoring my own identity. And I connected with souls on the same spiritual path, who offered so much depth and their own vulnerabilities. They brought me closer to my own humanness. A magical community was created! This experience solidified how I want to continue to show up emotionally and spiritually for myself, my loved ones, and the world. And how I want to enjoy the simplest things like sunsets. I am deeply grateful for this community. Looking forward to the next retreat!” — Selma


“Alexa’s approach and guidance to my expressed challenges are undoubtedly led by deep intuitive wisdom.” — Stacy


“I bring my challenges and uncertainties to Alexa with comfort knowing her guidance is channeled straight from Source - no ego, no opinion, no bias. Our sessions always feel pure and powerful. She is a brilliant healer with an abundance of light to shine onto this world. I feel blessed to have her support as I navigate my way through life's wild ride.” — Sara 


“Alexa is like a painter who looks at a scene and knows very practically what tubes of paint are needed and how to mix the colors in order to bring it to the canvas - to realize the vision.” — Arielle