Alexa Shore

Ojai, California

November 8th - 10th, 2019



Intuitive Healer

Alexa is an Intuitive Healer guiding individuals toward their personal revolution.

In 2012, Alexa’s senses were awakened to the fact that something inside her was wrong; she was right. Alexa had a form of vicious cancer, which she proceeded to fight and beat.


Her yoga practice and two cancer battles have emboldened her spirit and cultivated a unique perspective. 

Alexa’s brilliant mind and diverse career make her a business force to be reckoned with. A life of self-awareness has honed her intuition and wisdom. Alexa is balanced and intuitive, clever and imaginative. She sees life and its so-called problems as a prism, ready to be broken down from every angle.

Alexa’s guidance facilitates real, tangible outcomes. She offers encouragement while sorting through your emotions to get to the crux of your goal. From there, she identifies energy blocks and challenges to create solutions before they arise. 

She’s the life guru – experienced in motherhood, health, mind-body connection, subconscious patterns, breaking free from habits, and business development.

Alexa will encourage you to wander, wonder, and lead you to create the life you love.  


“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

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Individual & Group

GIfted Healing

Curious about energy healing? Schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone session to experience Alexa and the power of intuitive readings firsthand.

Intuitive Healing

During a 60-minute intuitive reading Alexa taps into your current energy field to access deeper levels of insight and information. Clients are invited to bring general curiosities or specific questions to gain healing, clarity, and empowerment for forward movement. Sessions may include ancestral information, energy scan, somatic coaching, lifestyle consultation as well as personalized self care recommendations to continue balancing and healing.

weekend gatherings

Throughout the year Alexa hosts a variety of weekend gatherings in Southern California’s breathtaking landscapes. Yoga, hiking, pool time, nourishing meals, and a combination of healing modalities are used to enhance your recharge and expansion. Be the first to know about Alexa’s group offerings by signing up to receive her monthly newsletter.



Coming soon to Los Angeles!


“Find something to feel good about and get out of the way, and allow the cells to receive what they've been asking for. That is the key to healing.”

- Esther Hicks

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renew. revive. regenerate.

November 8th - 10th


Known as a haven of health and serenity, Ojai is the perfect landscape for a health-centered weekend getaway. With a little help from Onda Whole Hemp CBD and our retreat partners, we invite you to unwind, reconnect with nature, and explore the depths of self and what it means to heal from within.

Enjoy yoga sessions led by Serge of Light and Space Yoga, Friday night tunes provided by DJ Shiva, and educational juice session with Scott Walker of Juice Ranch, and learn about Whole Hemp CBD and Regenerative Farming from Onda’s Founders. Space is very limited.

Email to attend.