Alexa is an Intuitive Healer guiding individuals toward their personal revolution.

In 2012, Alexa’s senses were awakened to the fact that something inside her was wrong; she was right. Alexa had a form of vicious cancer, which she proceeded to fight and beat.


Her yoga practice and two cancer battles have emboldened her spirit and cultivated a unique perspective. 

Alexa’s brilliant mind and diverse career make her a business force to be reckoned with. A life of self-awareness has honed her intuition and wisdom. Alexa is balanced and intuitive, clever and imaginative. She sees life and its so-called problems as a prism, ready to be broken down from every angle.

Alexa’s guidance facilitates real, tangible outcomes. She offers encouragement while sorting through your emotions to get to the crux of your goal. From there, she identifies energy blocks and challenges to create solutions before they arise. 

She’s the life guru – experienced in motherhood, health, mind-body connection, subconscious patterns, breaking free from habits, and business development.

Alexa will encourage you to wander, wonder, and lead you to create the life you love.